Can Doing Yoga Really Get You Pregnant?

For anyone who has just started their ‘trying to conceive’ (TTC) journey it can be a time full of excitement and hopes for the future. It also brings with it feelings of apprehension, impatience and can become an all consuming obsession which will have an impact on ovulation and the functionality of our reproductive system. […]

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Top 5 Asanas For Giving Your Creativity Energy A Boost

When I tell people that I divide my time between yoga and performance arts I quite often get a wishful sigh as a response: “Oh, I wish I was a creative type” or “I’m so un-artistic! I couldn’t do what you do”.  Oh, but you are a ‘creative type’, we all are.  Be it a […]

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My Own Yoga Practice And What It Means To Me

“…and in few moments it’s magic time…” I can hear the birds singing, they are always very happy when the sun rises. Eyes closed, my body restored and hugged by the bed, I feel the corners of my mouth lifting gently up. Oh yes, I have two hours before leaving the house, two hours that […]

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Are You Rubbish At Yoga?

Have you ever uttered those words “I’m so rubbish at yoga” (or backbends, forward bends, hip openers….) Where did the idea come from that you were not up to scratch when it came to your yoga practise?  I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been from your yoga teacher, nor your friends or fellow class members.  […]

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12 Good Eating Habits To Supercharge Your Yoga Practise

Many people assume that they are eating healthily and can tell you about the quality of the food they consume. It can be organic and based on mainly fruit and vegetables, with very little sugar, wheat and dairy or meat produce, yet even so, without developing the following healthy habits your flexibly and yoga practice, […]

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Aeroplane For Real? Awe-Inspiring Acro Yoga Video

Amazing Acro Yoga video !! You just have to see it to believe it. The trust involved is quite brilliant.   AcroYoga by Noga Schwartz  and Roi Silberberg. Directed by Aviv Zidkiya | Music by Dr. Toast – Epicycles Locations: Puzzle Israel, Dressing – 3rd Rock 4,305 total views, 45 views today

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5 Key Poses To Nurture Your Lower Back

Did you know that people in the UK take about 35 million working days off a year because of back pain? (Work Foundation, October 2013)  Lower back issues in particular affect around a third of the UK adult population every year. They vary in intensity and seriousness, from mild discomfort to acute or chronic pains […]

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Headstand – Sirsasana or Salamba Sirsasana

EXPLANATION AND POSE INSTRUCTIONS Headstand is often considered an advanced asana but in fact schools such as Sivananda incorporate the headstand into their basic 12 postured sequence. This is because not a great degree of flexibility and strength is required to enter the posture and it is possible for beginners to achieve the pose. Nevertheless […]

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