4 Ways to Rediscover the Love in Your Yoga Practice

Yoga revitalizes us, it makes us feel good and it transforms us into happier, healthier versions of ourselves. That being said, every now and again the doubt starts to creep in. We find ourselves skipping a class here and there and feeling too tired/sore/lazy/busy/insert excuse here. Sometimes days without practice can turn into weeks and […]

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Stunning Yoga Photos Number 1

In the photo is Sati Rose Chmelar, an American, currently living in Olso with her husband. She spends a significant amount of time in Nepal studying Buddhism.  This photo was taken at the Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu Nepal.  Sati is a devotee and teacher of yoga and philosophy.  She runs Vasudhaiva Institute where she conduct […]

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The Unlikely Coupling – Young Offender And Yoga

Damaris Age – 19 Favourite Yoga Position – Scorpion and Half Pigeon Current Occupation – Trademark Assistant at City Lawyer Firm Previous Occupation – Young Offender Favourite food – Bananas I first see Damaris in a yoga class I am teaching, he is tall and lithe very good looking.  He comes across as immediately at […]

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8 Yoga Ways To Remember That You’re Still Kinda Wonderful

“YOU ARE A WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING.”  Have you ever wondered why your mind totally grasps the fact that you should be compassionate with yourself but from a deeper more subconscious place, part of you forgets to react in a caring way internally sometimes? After an incredibly long and emotionally draining day at work, I realise […]

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