Week 27 Yogamoo Roundup

We are very excited to announce this week we have launched our online classes with our Pregnancy Yoga For Beginners course. You will start to see some free and paid online courses for you to try all about yoga. Check out the new button on the top of the menu bar. Some awesome posts this […]

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Why You Don’t Have To Be Flexible To Do Yoga

Every so often, someone will say to me in one form or another, “I don’t do yoga because I am not flexible”. Every time I hear this, I want to explain to that person the multiple reasons why one does not have to be flexible in order to do yoga. If you fall into the […]

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Week 26 Yogamoo Roundup

This weeks roundup of the happening at Yogamoo towers… Exciting stuff and some great videos this week. Writers we need you !!! Want to write for us? CLICK HERE New products are in the process of being designed and released and we had a great launch of Ayurveda for the yoga soul by Sonia Welch […]

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B.K.S. Iyengar 1938 Newsreel (SILENT)

Wow I am really getting into these old Yoga videos. I think its the purity of the movement and the joy that it may have been millions of people would have seen yoga for the first time. They are newsreels so probably played in the theatre or cinema. Very powerful video and still blows me […]

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Yoga In The Airport – What A Fantastic Idea!

As a 6 foot tall person airplanes are once of the most uncomfortable places unless you’re flying business or first class. The seat for your back is rigid and very uncomfortable. What better place to have a yoga studio than an airport. I can only wait till I go to Helsinki now. Enjoy the video!

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US Soccer Team Does Yoga For Football Players

Ok how many times are we going to say it Yoga is great for sports!!! More and more sports people are turning to yoga to help strengthen, breathe  and injuries. Ryan Giggs was the most decorated player in English football and he swears by yoga. Ryan says he suffered from injuries until he found yoga and […]

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