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Happy New, Crisp, Shinny and Exciting 2019!


What are you going to do with it?

10 Ways Yoga Will Help You Surpass Your Goals in 2019

  1. Awareness
    Building a sense of presence and awareness in your Yoga practice will help you tune in to what you need and to appreciate what you have.
    More awareness can actually mean more contentment and a faculty of appreciation one thing at a time.
  2.  Positive attitude
    Focusing on the positive elements in any situation can help you keep yourself on your path.
    Practising a Heart Centre meditation and focusing on feeling good about yourself can help rewire neuro-pathways towards the positive aspects of life in as little as 3 mins practice per day.
  3. Break down your goals in smaller steps
    Rather than facing a daunting or overwhelming challenge, which might have you give up without even trying. Just as in your Yoga class, where you would not throw yourself in first time into a headstand, or complex arm balance, learn to break the task/pose into achievable elements over time. It may take time as some of those elements are synergistic, but don't despair, when it all comes together, it will be a great feeling.
    Cultivating many small successes will help build confidence and reinforce your positive experience.
  4. Failed?
    Remind yourself that you are only human and start again immediately. Besides, failures are only side steps on the same path. Practice offering compassion to yourself. Yoga is known as one of the best Self Care tools.
    Self care and acceptance is a critical aspect of building Resilience. Why not try one of our Restorative, Yin or Yin Yang class or workshop to experience surrender, compassion and acceptance?
  5. Flex the muscle of Willpower:
    Remember that 8th Breath in Chair pose and the mental battle taking place in your mind? Just as in your practice, your mental strength can become stronger and stronger with personal challenges off the mat.
    We have plenty of poses to reinforce your drive, commitment and determination in our Power Yoga classes.
  6. Health on your agenda this January?
    You will find it easier if you drive yourself Towards rather than Away from:
    Find yourself an enjoyable activity to up your fitness and some delicious nutritious go-to foods.
    Did you know that Yoga and Meditation promote Self Control according to Neuroscience studies from 2016?
  7. Letting go: 
    Draft down the list of good habits that you wish to embrace and the list of undesirable habits that are not serving you.
    Practice Letting Go: Inhale ‘Let', Exhale ‘Go' as a way to let go of bad habits to make room for the good new ones.
  8. Remember Your Bigger Why
    Remember the feeling of achievement after your Yoga class, especially when you pushed yourself to get back out again?
    Get organised and avoid falling in the ‘Sofa' trap, come along to some of our early evening classes straight after work!
    I promise it will be sunny, friendly and warm once you get there.
  9. Patience!
    Who said that you had to get there tomorrow? expand your horizon, allow some breathing space and loosen those self imposed deadlines.
    Balance poses can help you develop patience and getting to know how you deal with frustration.
    How do you talk to yourself during those balance wobbles?
  10. Forgiveness?
    Anyone that you need forgiving to? let go of resentment and feel the relief.
    Practice offering compassion to yourself, others, and the world in those classic compassion meditation practices.

What Class is Right For You?

What Yoga Style, Class or Course is right for you ? The Guide to our Schedule of Courses and Classes:

We often get asked by students on the Beginners course: what should I be progressing to? The advice I can give you is ‘Speak to your teacher' as they can best assess you and help you achieve your goals. If you love your current class, stick to it! You do not necessarily have to move as your continuous practice will make you stronger week after week, but perhaps consider practising more often. Double the practice = double the progress. We now have available a new pricing option for most courses as 2 Classes per Week over 8 Weeks with a more flexible booking facility that allows you to cancel (within 2 hours of class time) yourself then email us to rebook.

If you are looking to study poses in greater detail (i.e. more technical) with alignment and anatomy in mind, you should look at our Beginners Level 2 Courses on Mondays 8.15 pm with Olivia Burchett and Thursday 7 pm with Jackie Dyson.  From January, we are introducing our Beginners Level 3 Course  on Wednesdays 8.30pm.  This 8 weeks course is for Students who wish to prepare for our stronger dynamics classes such as Vinyasa, Power and Ashtanga Yoga. This is your final transition step to being comfortable in any dynamic Yoga class you encounter!

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Beginners Yoga Course
Beginners Level 2
Beginners Level 3 Yoga Course

For a more physical class, try the Core Strength class, this class is perfect to progress from the Beginners Course especially if you are looking to gain strength and stamina, or as a Beginner coming back to fitness or cross training from another discipline. It is a physical and fairly dynamic class but not technical and aiming for safety and stability.

For a more technical class and with flexibility in mind, you should take a look at the Vinyasa classes when we often work to a key pose in a paced Flow (ie Dynamic) style; or for strength and stamina the Power Yoga classes with more technical poses and longer holds.

Core Strength Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga Class

Still looking for a challenge? then our Ashtanga class is for you, each class will leave you with a sense of having really pushed yourself in all directions: flexibility, strength and stamina and technicality all in one!

Ashtanga Yoga Course

Yoga Workshops

2019 Workshop Schedule is now available with our first Workshop  Hips don't lie on 19th January with LM Bertoni.

VIP Class Pass

From our family to you and your family, we wish you the best of health, wealth and happiness for 2019.

All my best,

Laurence Turner



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