About Erika Shapiro

Erika spent many years of her life in the corporate world, while also raising a family. She has practiced yoga for over 15 years. It was in 2007 however, that she feels she grasped the true potential of yoga. She was suffering from physical injuries and ill health, after years of stressful living had taken their toll, and found that yoga helped her heal on a profound level. This is also when she decided to pursue her teacher training completing her RYT 500 training with The Art of Contemporary Yoga in 2010. Erika is particularly interested in the therapeutic benefits of yoga and in the impact stress has on our lives. She hopes that her classes create a safe and warm space, where students can let go of external pressures and experience a place of stillness and pure being. Her classes are energetic, yet leaving space for her students to practice mindfulness and awareness. Erika teaches groups, privates and workshops in South West London and thrives from seeing students progress, grow and flourish from the benefits they reap from their yoga practice. Website Facebook Twitter