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It is wonderful to hear the feedback from Beginners Yoga students who are experiencing the changes that Yoga has brought to them in such a short space of time. ‘People are noticing that I am changing, and I am noticing that I am changing' said one of our students at the end of the Yoga Nidra class this Friday. ‘I am loving Yoga, and it is here to stay'.  There is so much that Yoga has to offer and it may be something different to each and one of us. More on this soon…

In the meantime, here are some good tips to keep your home practice supporting you over the Xmas holidays and remember that:

  • First: Practising a little (ie 15mins) is better than no practice at all.
  • Second: The easiest poses in your practice are bringing most of the benefits, so keep it easy!
  • Third: Practice is everything so get on your yoga mat and start with whatever you fancy and the rest with follow

In the Studio in the next couple of weeks, we are working on easy sequences and slowing down to help your home practice. Keep your mat rolled out at home and you will find it difficult to resist it's calling if you start your practice with what feels good and no expectation. Just start with what you are drawn to, even if it means lying on your back for 10mins out of 15 mins and you may surprise yourself. The thing is, the easier and more pleasurable you make your home practice, and the more you will get back to your mat.

Xmas Drink!

Come and celebrate with us for a Drink and Mince Pies on Thursday 14th Dec, from 8.15pm at Joules, by the Studio. This will be just after the – exceptionally – joint Vinyasa evening class (7 pm) and Beginners class (Beginners, Beginners Level 2 if you have missed a class in your course this term, come along and catch up!)

Xmas Schedule!

The Annual Closure is from Friday 22nd Dec to 3rd January incl.

However, we are looking at offering 3 drop-in yoga classes between Xmas and New Year
Wednesday Core Strength Yoga 27th 1.10pm,
Friday 29th Vinyasa Yoga 1.15pm and
Sunday 31st Power Yoga Class 10.30am.

Have a look at the timetable for confirmation before you turn up (any membership or passes can come) and please book your space in advance as class may have to be cancelled if only 2 people book.

Oh and if your still looking for gifts for Christmas here is our Gift Cards and presents.

See you very soon


Laurence Turner

Founder Yogamoo™

Christmas Gifts

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