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Happy New Year for 2018!

Here are some Top Tips on Getting what you want for 2018…

Are your goals only addressing one facet of your personality and desires?
According to the Yoga philosophy, we should aim for balance between different aspects of our personalities and needs and in particular between our 4 aims (or Purushartas) that include Dharma (Duty, Purpose), Artha (Prosperity, Wealth and Well Being), Kama (Pleasure: the activities that you like to indulge in) and Moksha (Freedom: the activities that help you grow as a person). Although our 4 Aims may have to be unbalanced at certain times in our lives (say when we are pulled in one direction by necessity and that is ok), we should look at those 4 areas periodically to seek balance. The beginning of a New Year is an excellent time to have a look at it.

Top Tip 
Try journaling at the end of each week in January 2018 and see where you spent most of your time. Categorise it according to the 4 above dimensions and learn from it. If it feels right, then it probably is. If not then the journaling will give you cues as to how to find more balance in your life.

Are your goals relying on Willpower?
Research shows that we are more likely to give in when we are tired and the not approved option is easier to get to than the desired new behaviour.

Top Tip
Plan carefully so that everything around you supports your goals:
Write down your fitness schedule including straightforward 15-30 mins work outs / Power Yoga moves that can be done there and then. Use a meal planner to ensure your fridge and cupboards as stocked up with the desirable options and write down recipes of delicious and nutritious go-to snacks. If it is all planned and accessible, then you are a lot less likely to give in!

Not into writing goals this year?
Don’t worry there is a lot of philosophical debate out there between the value of goals versus the journey;or the means and the end. Could it be that we can become more able to enjoy the journey and the present moment if we are less obsessed by the attainment of the end goal? In any case, make sure that your journey or means-to-an-end is an enjoyable, ethical and rewarding ride and you are sure to be on the right path.

What Class is Right For You?

What Yoga Style, Class or Course is right for you ? The Guide to our Schedule of Classes:

We often get asked by students on the Beginners course: what should I be progressing to? The advice I can give you is ‘Speak to your teacher' as they can best assess you and help you achieve your goals. If you love your current class, stick to it! You do not necessarily have to move as your continuous practice will make you stronger week after week, but perhaps consider practising more often. Double the practice = double the progress. We now have available a new pricing option for most courses as 2 Classes per Week over 8 Weeks with a more flexible booking facility that allows you to cancel (within 2 hours of class time) and rebook any session yourself.

If you are looking to study poses in greater detail (i.e. more technical) with alignment and anatomy in mind, you should look at our Beginners Level 2 Courses on Wednesdays 8.30 pm with Joy Kirk and Thursday 7 pm with Jackie Dyson from January.

Beginners Level 2

For a more physical class, try the Core Strength class, this class is perfect to progress from the Beginners Course or for people looking to gain strength and stamina, either coming back to fitness or cross training from another discipline. It is a physical class but not technical and aiming for safety and stability.

For a more technical class and with flexibility in mind, you should take a look at the Vinyasa classes when we often work to a key pose in a Flow (ie Dynamic) style; or for strength and stamina the Power Yoga classes with more technical poses and longer holds.

Core Strength Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga Class

Still looking for a challenge? then our Ashtanga class is for you, each class will leave you with a sense of having really pushed yourself in all directions: flexibility, strength and stamina and technicality all in one!

Ashtanga Yoga Course

Yoga for Deep Relaxation

Our next deep Relaxation monthly Yoga Nidra class is next Friday 5th January.

The Meditation course starts 9th Jan on Tuesdays 6.45 pm

Meditation Course

2018 Workshop Schedule is now available with the first being  Hips don't lie on 27th January with LM Bertoni.

VIP Class Pass

Reflection on 2017: Top 10 Yoga based practices that worked for me in 2017

During the Christmas holidays, I took time to reflect on 2017 as this seems only natural as we are approaching a New Year.

What did we do well, what didn't we do so well? In fact, my approach was simple, I took some time to lay out the Top 10 Practices that served me well in 2017. They will continue to do so and I hope they can help you too:

  1. Aim small, easy and often and be consistent in your practice
  2. Take a moment to feel good about yourself, allow it to warm your heart
  3. Forgive yourself and move on when you need to, then start again
  4. Practice finding peace for a few moments a day (such as meditation)
  5. Focus on a full and smooth breath in a challenging Yoga pose (or situation!)
  6. The 9 Part Breath Pranayama (Breathing) technique
  7. Make a list of all things you try to avoid giving in to and write a positive thing that you can do instead
  8. Seeking what you want: ask the universe for your Intention (Sankalpa)
  9. Work your back body: practice more poses to strengthen those body parts we can’t see
  10. Running/cycling/walking to work or part of it while listening to a podcast that inspire you

From our family to you and your family, we wish you the best of health, wealth and happiness for 2018.

All my best,

Laurence Turner



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