My Own Yoga Practice & What It Means To Me

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“…and in few moments it’s magic time…”

I can hear the birds singing, they are always very happy when the sun rises. Eyes closed, my body restored and hugged by the bed, I feel the corners of my mouth lifting gently up. Oh yes, I have two hours before leaving the house, two hours that are going to bring vibrancy in the whole rest of the day. At this thought a lively tingling wakes me fully up and, eyes wide open, I get up. The time to get ready and in few moments it’s magic time…

The silence of the morning hours makes my muscles relax and a as I stop for a moment I take a deep breath in followed by a smiling sigh.

“As soon as I step into this room I feel a shift.”

As soon as I step into this room I feel a shift. This is my little temple. Barefoot, as in an Asian sacred place, my mind realizes I am here and instantly calms down. As in sign of respect, the voice in my head is now whispering. I roll my mat out and step into my temple. The soles of my feet recognize that feeling, the stickiness and softness underneath them make them feel safe and comfortable and they know already that very soon they are going to fly.

I reach out for a block and seat on it. Mmmh…, my spine is happy now, nice. I bend forward and reach an incense stick, light it up and place it in front of the mat. I take a sip of this exhilarating perfume and let it wrap me up. I place my mala, my meditation bead, around the incense stand and I take a moment to acknowledge the meaning of that mala for me.

With my devotional altar in front of me and my sacred mat supporting me, here I am now, enjoying my breath and the beauty of this moment.

Comfortably seated, eyes closed, face relaxed, I feel the air coming into my nostrils, flowing into my throat and refreshing my lungs. As I let it go, my core releases and warmth massages my throat, up into the nostrils and out on the upper lip. I stay there until a question naturally comes up: how do I feel today? I feel positive, and I feel agitated. My mind constantly reminds me of that meeting I have later this morning, and as I follow that stream my breath becomes shallow and my shoulders contract. I want focus, calm and open up my shoulders.

A deep and slow drink of my energizing breath and as I let the air come out gently I attune my Being by the mean of my voice. As a moving ball of light the sound of OM vibrates in my belly and reaches my heart, my throat, my forehead and the crown of my head. Waves are now all over my body.

“My body knows what it needs and I’m here to let it do what it desires.”

The first posture comes up to my mind and I listen to the call by moving slowly into it. I inhale and I stretch my body, I exhale and gently go deeper into the pose. I stay there until the second posture naturally arrives to my mind and I move into it. My body knows what it needs and I’m here to let it do what it desires. As I maintain the connection with my breath so I can hear my body telling me what to do next. At times my mind brings me back into the worries of the future and I find myself interrupting the flow of movements. I retune in, let go of that thought as the air comes out of my lungs and start communicating with my body again. 

“I move, contract, expand and release. I open up and breathe fully. I smile. I am in pure joy.”

I move, contract, expand and release. I open up and breathe fully. I smile. I am in pure joy.

I now find myself lying on my mat, arms and legs wide and relaxed. I softly close my eyes and as my chest relaxes my body becomes heavier and heavier. I feel cuddled while the Earth is holding me in her arms. Here I soften and gently drift in the womb of stillness.

“As a floating flower on the calm sea I let myself be permeated by radiant and warming love.”

An indefinite amount of time has passed now, and my hands want to move. So I do. Calmly coming back, in the darkness of my closed eyes I notice the transition between the stillness of my body and the entrance of movement. As a floating flower on the calm sea I let myself be permeated by radiant and warming love. I find my seat again, same position I had when this journey started. How do I feel now?

I chant my gratitude through a sweet and caring OM. I bow towards my heart and the altar in front of me. I open my eyes and a smile radiates my Being.

“Let the beauty that you love be what you do.” Rumi

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About the Author:

Silvia spent her first 30 years looking for her path and ending up trying different jobs and playing different stressful roles in corporate environments. When she stepped on a yoga mat for the first time an instant shift happened: the simple fact of being in contact with her body and breath made her realize how distant she was from her real Self, her real inner nature. The practice of yoga became soon a regular part of her life together with the empowering world of self-inquiry, work on yourself and spirituality. As she opened herself more and more to the beauty of inner Life, her life path became clearer and clearer in front of her, until the day she felt the call to share this transformative practice with others and completed a 200h Teacher Training. Silvia now teaches 1-2-1's and regular group classes in London. Her background in Hatha, Iyengar and Vinyasa yoga allows Silvia's students to experience creative practices that focus on safety, breath and inspiration. Yoga is a practice of movement that attune us to our inner world bringing balance and meaning into our life. As yoga becomes part of our daily life a joyful world of discovery, freedom and inner growth unravel within us and we finally live the life we want. Silvia's intention is to support her students in their inner journey by showing some of the thousands of doors that they may choose to open thanks to the practice of yoga. Website Facebook Twitter

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