Yogamoo™ was established in 2006 by my husband Phillip as I embarked on a 2.5 year 500H Teacher Training Course. I was fully employed in the corporate world at the time and travelling internationally for work: one week-end a month spent in TTC Yoga Training as well as several classes per week was the ideal training format for me.

Within the following 2 years, Phillip grew Yogamoo to become a leading UK Yoga DVD online retailer and I reviewed and practised dozens of Yoga DVDs from Americas leading instructors.

I love Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga and Vinyasa and continuously train and practice in London and through the Yoga Journal magazine (I have been an active subscriber since 2005)

By end 2008, I was fully certified and started teaching my first regular weekly class. In late 2009 as I went on to teach Yoga full time, Yogamoo became more and more focused on growing our up and coming Reigate Yoga Studio. I added some new certifications to expand my teaching to Pregnancy Yoga, Children Yoga and Mums and Baby Yoga with Birthlight. I continued teaching over 12 classes a week around my pregnancies and became a Yoga author of the following programmes:

Pregnancy Yoga For Beginners DVD

I presented these products at the London Yoga Show 2013, at our stand and teaching on stage. These products have been selling on Amazon ever since.

From 2014, I developed a 40H Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course and started teaching in local schools and developed my own Children's Yoga teaching method. With the demand in local schools increasing, I started training other Teachers and formalised in 2017 a 40 Hour Children's Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Today Yogamoo is a well established Reigate Yoga Studio with a team of 8 teachers, all caring for the need of our community of local students. Our ethos as a team is to make Yoga approachable to all those who can enjoy its benefits. As well as reaching out to a wider audience of children, teenagers and pregnant students, we are also offering mixed ability classes for All. Our team and Studio are friendly and know well their students who feel included in their learning and Yoga journey.

In the last few Years I trained with the following well respected Yoga worldwide instructors:


  • Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT)
  • Yoga Alliance Level 2 Yoga Teacher (500H)
  • Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga Teacher (since 2009)
  • Children Yoga (since 2009 – refreshed 2011)
  • Mums and Baby Yoga (Leve l1 and Level 2 – 2011)
  • Postnatal Yoga: for the Repair and Prevention of Diastasis Recti (DR – Abs separation) (July 2017)
  • Integrating Hypnotherapy within Pregnancy Yoga (Jan 2018)

2-3 Days Intensives

  • Aadil Palkhivala Oct 2009
  • Restorative Yoga Judith Hanson Lasather March 2010
  • Legs Alignment Julie Gumestad May 2012
  • Mums and Baby Yoga Sally Lomas May 2011

1 Day Training

  • Birthlight Baby Yoga for Bigger Babies Sally Lomas Sept 12 and July 2015
  • Birthlight Postpartum -DR- Repair Francoise Freeman July 17
  • Ashtanga David Swenson Nov 2015, Nov 2016, Nov 2017
  • Vinyasa Shiva Rae June 2016
  • Vinyasa Liz Lark April 2016
  • Shoulders-Elbows-Wrists Alignment Alex Crow July 2016
  • Teaching Pranayama with Phillip Xerri April 2017

Other Workshops

Faith Hunter, Howard Napper, Michael Gannon at the Yoga Show 2014, Tania Fitzpatrick on Somatics in June 15, Liz Lark with Vinyasa Yoga in Sept 15, Gary Carter on Alignment in Sept 15, Andrea Kwiatkowski on Using Props in March 16 and Oct 17, Zoe Knott working with Grasshoper Pose in Jan 17 and Philip Xerri expert on Pranayama in April 17

Laurence teaches Yoga Classes in Reigate and runs Yoga ClassesYoga WorkshopsTeacher Training when she’s not developing Yoga products for Yogamoo.