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Many yoga teachers and practitioners feel that it is their duty to encourage people who have never done yoga before to come to a class. Dedicated yogis, after all, know how yoga has aided them throughout their lives; and in the light of all that is good, they truly believe yoga can help others.

But there are some people in this world that have their reasons not to do yoga, and that is perfectly okay. For every advantage to yoga, there is a terrible disadvantage. 

If you fall into any of these categories, then perhaps yoga isn't for you:

Looking your age is fantastic

Sure, everyone wants to age gracefully. If you don’t mind looking like 40 going on 60, then it is perfectly okay to steer clear of yoga.

I mean, researchers did find that yoga changes your DNA. People who do yoga or exercise at least 3 times a week have longer telomeres, of the parts of DNA that control the aging process. Plus, yoga detoxifies the body, stimulates the endocrine system, and even stabilizes your metabolism and immunity.

Do you really want to forgo the natural facelift?

You can’t judge people

When you start doing yoga, gossiping and judging other people is no longer any fun. In fact, by doing yoga, you will most likely start focusing on yourself and your own happiness, as well as being more considerate towards others. If you don’t want to be the odd one out during gossiping hour, yoga probably isn’t for you.


Confront your emotions

Some people like keeping their emotions bottled up inside until the pressure mounts to an uncontrollable level and they explode like a bottle rocket. Rather than learning how to meet those feelings head-on with a constructive yoga practice, you find it easier to just let those emotions take hold.

In yoga, you never know when an asana will work its way into your soul, or when your instructor happens to say exactly what you needed to hear, causing tears to stream down your face.


Yoga teaches you have to stop blaming everyone and everything for your downfalls. If you are fine with pointing the finger but never doing anything to better your life, stay away.


Detox is real

Self-destructive? Yoga may scare you. There are two kinds of poison that yoga teaches us to overcome. The first is toxic relationships, with others and oneself. You learn how to accept what cannot be changed, and you actively seek to move away from that which does you harm.

Secondly, all those free radicals, toxins, and pesticides that build up in the body get removed during a yoga practice. The gentle, mindful movements are much more supportive of the lymphatic and immune systems than other workouts.

Yoga is the pits

Maybe you don’t want to do yoga because you just hate it. Don’t worry, no yogi is going to judge you for that.

There are indeed some hoity-toity studios out there who turn their noses up at people who are incapable of doing pretzel poses. Perhaps you had a terrible first encounter with yoga and swore ‘never again'. Or maybe the idea of relaxation is your worst nightmare.


Seriously though, there are no real reasons not to do yoga.

The practice is healthy, proven to aid with issues like insomnia and depression, and opens you to a community that is warm-hearted and non-judgemental. Whatever your reasons for staying off the mat may be, there are hundreds of benefits to bring you back.

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