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Here is our September Express Survival Guide to help you get back after a break…

You took some time out, lounged on the sunbeds, kicked out regimented routines, spent time in the pool, the lake or the sea and spent time with the family. It was great whilst it lasted but we all know that our brains get slower and fuzzier from not doing a lot..refreshed yes but a bit cloudy. Your body is feeling tight in places and it is time to give yourself an MOT.


1. Chill Out With A Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness is an aid to enhancing human potential by combining modern science with an ancient wisdom (The Oxford Mindfulness Centre). This one hour evening session is open to all whether you have an established mindfulness practice or you are completely new to mindfulness and meditation. If you are new to mindfulness it will give you a taster of what mindfulness is about. If you are an experienced mindfulness practitioner you will have the opportunity to come along and practice these clinically proven techniques with others. The session includes the classic mindfulness practices that help to develop the muscle of focused attention and present moment awareness whilst providing an opportunity for sangha (the coming together as a community).


2. A Little Bit of Yoga to Start The Day?

Good morning! Are you ready to get started with your day?

No? Then you need some gentle yoga to wake you up and these postures can be done from the comfort of your own bed. Meaning you can give yourself some self-love and a healthy dose of optimism before your feet even touch the floor.

Inversions Workshop

3. Challenge Yourself

Challenging yourself every so often, getting out of your comfort zone and facing your fears (safely) is an excellent way to get fresh perspective and shake yourself into a forward leap

This Inversion Workshop will encourage you to safely work towards handstand, forearm balance, headstand and shoulder balance. This is open to students of all Levels with Poses that include easy halfway stages, and preparatory poses such as leg stretches and chest and shoulder openings. You will be encouraged to work safely and at your own pace.


4. Bring A Friend Along For Moral Support

Don't rely on discipline and motivation alone, if you buddy up with a friend, you are both much more likely to attain your goals.

To encourage you, this is our referral offer for you:

So When you invite your friends they get a free Yoga Class Voucher and £10 discount voucher.
You'll get £10 when they buy their first yoga course


Have a fantastic month, as always let me know if we can help in any way.

You can contact me at [email protected]

Laurence Turner


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