Beginners Yoga Course


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In this 8 week Beginners Yoga Course, you will discover the joy of yoga. Millions of people around the world practice Yoga to feel great, look great and be healthy. We would like to be your guide to a more calm, energised and focused mind and body all with the simple tools yoga offers.

  • Join 200 Million People Around The World
  • Enjoy a Feeling of Physical and Mental Well-Being
  • Discover the Major Yoga Postures (Asana)
  • Conquer Your Breathing (Pranayama)
  • Master Everyday Meditation Techniques
  • Build Strength Gradually
  • Feel Amazing!


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Beginners Yoga Course

In the Beginners Yoga Course, we help you achieve the basic Yoga poses working around Spine Flexibility and Alignment. You will learn Twisting, Forward Bending, Back Bending and Lateral Stretches throughout your course. For new students, their pace of practice may be varied differentiating between the common Hatha Yoga style when postures are held versus a Dynamic style. Core strength, Balance and Stability will also be explored.

The Beginners Yoga Course will provide students with a detailed introduction to the core yoga postures (asana), which help to increase flexibility, improve posture and develop strength, stamina and confidence.Students will also be taught breathing techniques (pranayama), which enhance mental and physical well-being, and the class will end with a relaxation practice, which can help to combat stress.

Who’s it for?
The Beginners Yoga Course is suitable for all ages of beginners as well as those who want to explore again the foundation of Yoga practice step by step.

No experience required, if you have never done Yoga before, then this is for you.

Follow-On Courses/Upgrades
After the Beginners Yoga Course Any of our other classes depending on the style and pace that you may be looking for.

Beginners Level 2 Course

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For the next challenge try a Yoga Workshop 

What To Bring
Best to have your own Yoga Mat, please bring one along or you can purchase one from us in the studio.

Exercise clothing required. Yoga is practised barefoot.

Reigate Yoga Studio
Redhill Yoga Classes

Check Timetable for times.

Ranging from 60 to 75 minutes.


Over 18 Years of age unless accompanied by an adult.

Jackie Dyson
Kasia Holownia
Charlotte Huggins

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Booking Terms and Conditions
We will accept cancellations only 7 days prior to any course starts. After 7 days and in any case prior to the beginning of any course, you may be able to transfer your course towards another day or person or course in the near future (90 days), this is based on availability and at our discretion. In all cases, a charge of 20% admin fee will be withheld. After the beginning of the Yoga Course, no refund or exchanges will be processed.

Q. I am extremely inflexible, would I still benefit from the course? – A. Mullins
A. The Beginners Yoga Course is designed for students of all fitness ranges. Being flexible should not be a barrier to starting as it will gradually increase over time and that's a great reason to start yoga. So yes you will benefit probably more than most people actually.
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Beginners Yoga Course

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13 reviews for Beginners Yoga Course

  1. Gemma Young

    Only in week 2 of the course and already loving it. Helped me feel relaxed and generally calm. Really good and a great help to my well-being. Great price too!

  2. Claire

    I have been attending this course for about a year an plan to continue…indefinitely! Every Tuesday I learn something new and feel incredibly balanced by the end of the class. Jackie is an exceptional Yogi and always has time for her students, her calm and patient nature is infectious. Thank you Jackie for your dedication to breathing properly and strengthening our bodies. I can’t wait to come on one of your Yoga retreats one day.

  3. Cheng Ee

    The Yogamoo Beginners Course is a wonderful course. Jackie is a brilliant teacher. She explains and shows you every move, then talks you through the move as you are doing it. She also offers alternatives should you need them.

  4. Beth

    I love Jackie’s Beginner’s Yoga Class. It’s great value and perfectly pitched in a relaxed setting. I have gradually learned the main postures and developed my breathing technique over time. This class is a high point in my week. Also very flexible if you can’t make a class for some reason you can often make it up on an alternative day on that week. If you’ve never done yoga give it a go with this very skilled and patient teacher.

  5. Jan

    I’ve really enjoyed my first beginner’s course. I was a bit nervous beforehand that I’d be embarrassingly unfit and unbendy… But it’s so friendly and inclusive that I stopped worrying about 10 minutes into the first class. And I’m feeling the benefits already!

  6. Ian

    Never having done any yoga previously, but wanting to improve my fitness and flexibility, I joined the beginners session about a month ago. And I’m so glad I did! Jackie is a fantastic instructor and provides a welcoming and encouraging environment for everyone. While I am still a novice, I genuinely look forward to attending these classes each week.

  7. Anne Staunton

    Yoga?! I have to admit I wasn’t convinced having previously been used to higher impact exercise classes. I absolutely love it! The classes are stimulating, as physically challenging as you want them to be and different every week. And the mindfulness element has made me more aware of my body than any other form of exercise I’ve ever done. I even find myself automatically using some of the breathing techniques to deal with normal daily life – sometimes to calm myself and other times to energise myself – its a surprising bonus I wasn’t expecting. Jackie is an extremely talented teacher, very aware of every person in the room and keen that we each get the most out of every session and she’s great fun. I’ve lost count of how many repeat beginners courses I’ve taken now, but I do know I wouldn’t go anywhere else – I think of it as my Wednesday night fix!

  8. Rosie

    If you are thinking you’re not flexible enough to do a yoga course, think again! This really is for everyone. I’ve discovered I can bend and stretch much better than I ever imagined possible, and the classes always leave me energised and happy (and you sleep like a baby afterwards!) Jackie’s beginners yoga course stresses the importance of staying within your own comfort zone and letting your body decide. There is no competitive element to her classes. We are all there to enjoy it. And we do! :o)

  9. Stephanie

    We’ve really enjoyed the beginners course with Jackie – so much so that we are now on our 3rd course! Each session is different and we always walk out feeling better physically and mentally – we think this is partly due to the postures and partly due to Jackie’s wonderfully soothing voice!!

  10. Vicky Padbury

    I have been rebooking the Yogamoo “Beginner’s Class” with Jackie for a long time, and why? It isn’t that I don’t think I am progressing, but each time I attend I feel I understand in more detail the particular postures, and I like that at the start of the class Jackie explains how we will be working towards a certain posture later in the session. Jackie’s gentle nature and clear explanation of the breathing associated with each posture adds to the understanding and pleasure of my Yoga practise, and the relaxation at the end of the session is always amazingly thoughtful and a perfect finish to the evening.
    For beginners and returners alike this is a well-thought-out course lead by Jackie.

  11. Martina Heimedinger

    This course is great for beginners and a fantastic way to be introduced to Yoga. equally so you can carry on with the course as Jackie varies the practice each week and adjusts it to different abilities. I have been attending this course for a while and still enjoy it because it never gets boring. Each week there is a focus on different postures and techniques and every week I walk away relaxed both physically and mentally.

  12. Lesley

    I would highly recommend the Yogamoo Beginners Course. I had never tried Yoga before and was really apprehensive before my first session. Jackie was very welcoming and made me feel completely at ease. I find the classes very relaxing and I really look forward to them after a long stressful day at work.

  13. Andy

    I attended the Yogamoo beginners course in 2014 and I would thoroughly recommend it! Jackie is a fantastic instructor/Yogi who teaches with an informative yet relaxed style. Whether you have a little Yoga experience or are a complete beginner you will benefit hugely from the postures and breathing techniques learnt. I felt a whole lot better both physically and mentally whilst attending the class and it really helped in my day to day activities.

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