Beginners Yoga Home Study Course


Can't make our Beginners Yoga Course in the studio? Then allow us to help you discover the joy of yoga in your own home. Millions of people around the world practice Yoga to feel amazing, look fab and be healthy. We would love to be your personal guide to a more calm, energised and focused mind and body. Our Home Study Course will take you step by step through every aspect of yoga. Don't wait get started today.

  • Feel Amazing
  • Find Serenity
  • Perfect Your Posture
  • Energise Your Day
  • Find Your Calm


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Beginners Yoga Home Study Course

In the Yogamoo™ Beginners Yoga Home Study Course, we help you achieve the basic Yoga poses working around your Flexibility and body Alignment. You will discover Twisting, Forward Bending, Back Bending and Lateral Stretches throughout your Home Study Course. For new students, their pace of practice may be varied as they like. Differentiating between the common Hatha Yoga style (explained in detail) when postures are held versus a Dynamic style that is more flowing. You will also explore the Core strength, Balance and Stability poses along the way.

The Yogamoo™ Beginners Yoga Home Study Course will provide students with a detailed introduction to the core yoga postures (asana), which help to increase flexibility, improve posture and develop strength, stamina and confidence. Students will also be taught breathing techniques (pranayama), which enhance mental and physical well-being, and the class will end with a relaxation practice, which can help to combat stress.

Who’s it for?
The Yogamoo™ Beginners Yoga Home Study Course is great for all ages of beginners (Over 16) as well as those who want to start Yoga.

Nothing, no experience required, if you have never done Yoga before, then this is perfect for you.

Follow-On Courses/Upgrades
After the Beginners Yoga Course Any of our other classes depending on the style and pace that you may be looking for.
For the next challenge try a 1 to 1 Coaching Session.

What To Bring
Best to have your own Yoga Mat, which you can purchase with this course.

Exercise clothing required. Yoga is practised barefoot.

Your home as this is a online product.

On your schedule… anytime.

Ranging from 60 to 75 minutes


  • Telephone support

Over 16 Years of age.

Laurence Turner

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