Childrens Yoga Course – Dovers Green School Reigate


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A Yoga session includes:

  • Introduction and Greetings
  • Short Story and / or songs to Warm Up to Standing Up Sequences
  • Balance Practice
  • Long Exciting Story
  • Short Breathing practice
  • Yoga Game
  • Wind Down Sequence or Partner Yoga Sequence
  • Lying Down Relaxation


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Yogamoo offers Children Yoga School Clubs within Infant Schools.

The club runs in sessions of 45mins over 12 weeks in groups of maximum 12 children.

Children wear their PE clothes and practice barefoot in a circle over gym mats with their instructor.

Autumn Term Dates last date 6th Dec

Spring Term Dates:9 sessions on 17th Jan, 24th Jan, 31st Jan, 7th Feb, 28th Feb, 6th Mar, 13th Mar, 20th Mar, 27th Mar (no class on 14th Feb Inset Day or 21st Feb Half-Term)

Fridays from 3.05pm to 4pm (pick up 4pm from the Hall)


8 Things Parents Should Know About Children's Yoga

  • Yoga boosts Physical and Emotional Development in Children
  • Yoga improves concentration which helps to learn
  • Yoga fosters physical balance which is key to mental balance
  • Yoga shows the interconnection of body and mind through the breath so children can start being more aware of their emotions and how to control them
  • Children Yoga focuses on respect of others and understanding of how our actions affect others
  • Yoga encourages creativity through personal expression, story telling and drama skills
  • Yoga is a skill for life and can help Children look for resources and solutions within themselves
  • Yoga is Fun


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