Core Strength Yoga Class


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The Core Strength Yoga class is ideal to build the fitness and strength that you need in your daily activities, compliment other sports and to improve your Yoga practice.  This class is truly dedicated to Core Strength. A balanced Yoga class dedicated to strengthening:

  • Firm up your Abdominal muscles for a stronger and leaner waist
  • Strengthen your Back muscles to help support you in your daily activities
  • Work the strong and large muscles groups that support your Pelvis and Lower Back: Thighs and Gluetes
  • Practice Balance! an essential practice to develop Core Strength
  • Short Meditation/Breathing practice and Guided Relaxation included


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Core Strength Yoga Class

The Core Strength Yoga Class is ideal to build the fitness and strength that you need in your daily activities, compliment other sports and to improve your Yoga practice. This class is truly dedicated to Core Strength….Whatever the length of the class whether 50mins (Lunch time, early evening) or late evening (60mins) this is a balanced Yoga class dedicated to strengthening the abs, gluete, quads, back muscles and upper body. This class is suited to complete Beginners with a fitness goal in mind.

Objectives of the Core Strength Yoga Class

  • Introduction to Yoga with easy range of Yoga postures
  • Practise specifically for Strength working isometrically
  • Learn a complete range of varied Abs training Yoga movements
  • Increased level of Difficulty over the course of 6 weeks rolling class plans
  • A great workout

Who is the Core Strength Yoga Class it for?
Beginners and All levels of Yoga Students as long as interested in practising Yoga for fitness

  • Yoga For Cyclists
  • Yoga For Men
  • Yoga For Runners

Beginners Yoga Course (optional)

Follow-On Courses/Upgrades
Power Yoga Class

What To Bring
Your Yoga Mats if you have one or you may borrow or purchase one in the yoga class.

Non-Restrictive clothing such as Leggings, Track suit bottom, Shorts.

Our Yoga Studios on Bell St, Reigate

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50 mins


Over 18 unless accompanied by an Adult.

Laurence Turner

Registration form for Beginners

Cancellation and Reschedule Policy for Drop-in Classes , Drop-in Passes and Memberships

  • Classes can be booked up to 5 mins before class start
  • If booking a class within the 2 hours window before class start, you will be automatically checked -in to class.
  • Please endeavour to arrive up to 5 mins before class starts or we may have to offer your space to somebody else should the class be full.
  • Not likely to make a booked class? you are responsible to cancel your booked class yourself from your account schedule at least 2 hours ahead of time to retain your credit.
  • Booked class cannot be cancelled in the window 2 hours prior a class, and you will be charged if you do not attend therefore if you are not sure that you can make a booked class, best to cancel at least 2 hours before.
  • All cancellations must be processed from your account and not by email or phone. For ease, you may use our free app Yogamoo
  • In the unlikely event that no-one or one single space would be registered for a drop-in class, we reserve the right to cancel the class just 2 hours before the class. In this event, the class will show on the schedule as cancelled in the 2 hours window before the start of the class. You will be notified and your credit will be saved.
  • No time to book? very exceptionally it's OK to just turn up and be added to the class schedule by your teacher as long as there is space and the class is on. Please check the timetable prior to attending.
  • Any classes missed and not cancelled 2 hours prior is forfeited, unless a class is cancelled by Yogamoo.
  • If you have not already paid for the class, your account/card may be charged for the full amount of the session.
  • Drop-in passes have expiry times and will be enforced. Please check validity at time of purchase. Validity period starts from the first visit date and can be checked in your account at all times.
  • If you are on an unlimited contract and you late cancel or no-show 3 times over a month period, you are restricting spaces for others. Your option to book online may be suspended for a month if you fail to cancel on-time.


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Core Strength Yoga Classes

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3 reviews for Core Strength Yoga Class

  1. stephanie Bregoin

    Amazing class to have back some core strength and how to work your abs keepign your back safe.

  2. Chris H.

    This is a wonderful class for those who want to enjoy great yoga and simultaneously build their core body strength. Under the expert leadership of the Yogamoo tutors, each student gets just enough individual attention to develop in a positive direction. Highly recommended.

  3. Esme Stock

    Great class to improve that all important core strength. After suffering back pain a couple of years ago, this class has helped provide me with the practice and information needed to help strengthen my core muscles and help prevent back pain again in a friendly and supportive environment.

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