Drop in Yoga Classes


The Drop-in Yoga Classes offer you maximum flexibility over a range of strengthening and dynamic Yoga classes in the following styles:

– Power Yoga for the most experienced Yogi or the beginner looking for a fitness challenge

– Core Strength Yoga to work on specific areas of the body targeted around the waist, pelvis, back and thighs. Narrower range of postures explored therefore suited to beginners especially those looking to get back into shape.

– Vinyasa Yoga if you are looking to explore the largest variety of Yoga poses, warming up with Dynamic Sequences to improve flexibility and working on specific key poses to hold, explore and perfect.

– Restorative Yoga to rest, resource and restore, a therapeutic way to unwind and balance a fast paced life.


All sessions irrespective of the length are well balanced with warming, opening and closing postures. As in all Yoga classes, you will be guided to keep attention to the Breath.  Meditation/Breathing practice and Guided Relaxation included




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Drop In Yoga Classes

All Power, Core Strength, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga Classes are Drop-in Classes.  Check the timetable here for times of sessions. You will need to register prior to attending any classes.

If attending less than once a week or once a week you can pre-purchase a number of sessions (1/4/8/16). Once purchased, simply book a class and turn up 10mins prior to the class starting. If you are not sure you will make a class that you have booked, you can cancel up to 2 hours before the class starts.

For the benefit of all class attendees, we require that you sign into class a minimum of 5 minutes prior to the class start time. If you have not signed in by this time your space may be opened up to allow drop ins. This will be treated as a late cancellation and your class will not be credited or refunded.

Cancellation Policy for Classes

Early Cancellations (up to 3 hours before start of class)

Class bookings can be cancelled up to 3 hours in advance only online. If you paid by class pass, your class will be credited back to your account. Reception will not be able to process any cancellations.

Late Cancellations (within 3 hours of start of class)

Any cancellations made within 3 hours of the class start time will not be credited back to your pass or refunded.

Please note: If you are on an unlimited contract and you late cancel or no-show 3 times over a month period, the option to book online will be suspended for a month.




However if you are planning to attend consistently every week or more, then best to look at our membership options

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