Inversions Workshop with Frances Keeble


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This Inversion Workshop will encourage you to safely work towards handstand, forearm balance, headstand and shoulder balance. This is open to students of all Levels with Poses that include easy half way stages, and preparatory poses such as leg stretches and chest and shoulder openings.

  • Inversions are a wonderful challenge!
  • Embrace your fear.
  • Enjoy seeing the world from a different angle. Upside Down!
  • The practice will open the chest and shoulders.
  • Strengthen the body.
  • Help understand spine alignment


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About Inversions
Inversions are a critical part of Yoga Practice and are known as the Kings and Queens of all postures with rejuvenation and anti-ageing powers. They provide rest for the Heart as the blood flow from the limbs is pumped back to the heart without the effect of gravity while the body is inverted. Shoulder Balance in addition, stimulates the glands responsible to regulate hormones.

Inversions stimulate you, leaving you refreshed, uplifted yet focused.

Practice and understand the alignment and preparatory stages for arm balances and inversions

Who's it for?
The 2.5 hour- workshop is open to Students of all levels from beginners to advanced students

Weekly Yoga practice required

Follow-On Courses/Upgrades
Core Strength or Power Yoga would be great choices if you enjoyed this class or the Drop in Dynamic Yoga Class

What To Bring
Your yoga mat but if you haven't you can borrow one in the class. It's always great to bring some water too.

It is best to wear non-restricting clothing.

The class is held at the Yoga studio in Reigate

12pm-2.30 pm Saturday Afternoon

This workshop is a 2.5 hour workshop

No bonuses in this class.

Over 16 years of age.

Power Yoga teacher Frances Keeble will be leading this specialist class. You can find out more about Frances Keeble here

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