Hypno Yoga Labour Preparation Workshop


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Learn and Experience:

  • Breathing Techniques and Positions for each Stage of Labour
  • Tips and Tricks for all eventuality in Labour
  • Physiology of Birth for each Stage of Labour
  • Hypno Yoga Birth Rehearsal experience
  • Truly relaxing and confidence building experience
  • Achieve a Positive Birthing Experience.
  • Gain the Right Confident Attitude ahead of Labour.
  • Confidently discover how to Speed up each Stage of Labour
  • Build a Sound Emotional and Positive State of Mind to Welcome your Baby


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Labour Preparation and Hypno Yoga Birth Rehearsal Workshop

During the Labour Preparation and Hypno Yoga Birth Rehearsal Workshop, you and your partner will prepare yourselves for the arrival for your baby, gaining a practical understanding of:

  • The Physiology of Birth and how your Partner can support you
  • Clear Aims and Techniques for All Stages of Labour
  • Mental and Emotional Preparation for Labour.
  • Yoga Postures to use to accelerate Labour.


  • Birth Rehearsal experience throughout the Workshop to:
  • Learn seamlessly Specific Breathing Techniques for each Stage of Labour
  • Yoga Relaxation using Hypnotic Techniques to truly Relax and Increase confidence

Get equipped with a range of tools and strategies for Labour.
Rehearse and feel prepared from onset of Labour to the arrival of your Baby.
Tips and tricks, possible scenarios and how to respond effectively on the day.

Who’s it for?

All Pregnant Ladies in Trimester II or Trimester III and their Birth Partners. Ideal around 30 weeks

You do not need to attend our Pregnancy Yoga Classes to benefit from this Course

Follow-On Courses/Upgrades

What To Bring
Yoga Mat

Loose and Comfortable Clothing for Yoga/Fitness

Reigate Yoga Studio

6pm – 9.15pm

3 hours


  • FREE MP3 of the Hypno Yoga for Birth Relaxation (New)
  • FREE AUDIO CD of the Labour Preparation Workshop (Worth £19.97)
  • FREE comprehensive Birth Plan example with the techniques you will learn at the workshop
  • FREE printed Notes from the session (your partner can take it along to the hospital)


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Labour Preparation with Hypno Yoga Birth Rehearsal Workshop

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