Mother and Baby Yoga Class


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Baby Yoga Classes are a wonderful mix of Yoga for your Baby and Yoga for new Mums in Postnatal recovery.

  • Bond With Your Baby
  • Start Getting Back into Shape
  • Have Fun with Your Baby
  • Combined Mums Yoga and Baby Yoga
  • Suitable for Non-Crawling Babies
  • Perfect During Maternity Leave


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Mother and Baby Yoga Class

Baby Yoga Classes are a wonderful mix of Yoga for your Baby and Yoga for new Mums in Postnatal recovery.
During the initial Baby Yoga section, we work with songs to gently strengthen your Baby arms and legs, working with coordination and movement including balance, tummy time and spine-strengthening exercises.

Once your Baby takes a break, we work on our mats on targeted areas gently but firmly, building core and pelvis strength, taking care of your back and spine and releasing tension in the upper back

Objectives of Baby Yoga

The class encompasses both:

A physical goal targeting tummy, and pelvic floor tightening, toning of arms and legs, overall strength and stamina, back strength, posture and shoulder stretches.

  • Mental and emotional goals.
  • Ideal relaxed setting.
  • Meet other Mums and Babies.
  • Face the same challenges together.
  • Having fun with your Baby.
  • Bonding with your Baby.

Who’s it for?
This class is suitable for all Mums in postnatal recovery with a newborn baby of minimum 8-10 weeks of age to about crawling stage to 9 months.

No experience necessary! if this is your first encounter with Yoga, no problem… and we hope you will keep Yoga in your life moving forward!

Follow-On Courses/Upgrades
Core Strength Yoga is the class to move up to once your baby is on the move.

What To Bring
Your yoga mat and a blanket for your baby to lie on top

Please wear exercise clothing as you will be practising Yoga too. Leggings are most commonly worn in Yoga Classes.

Reigate Yoga Studio

10.30am on  Thursdays

The baby yoga class is 60 minutes however the pace is considerate. Doors open 15 minutes prior to allow time for Mums and Babies to settle in.


Babies must be 8-10 weeks minimum.

Laurence Turner

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Mother and Baby Yoga Class

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9 reviews for Mother and Baby Yoga Class

  1. Lorraine

    We love our mum and baby yoga classes. For me it’s a great activity to get out and do – enjoying some gentle yoga and interacting with other mums. And for my little one she enjoys the songs, moves and watching us all! Everything you do in class can easily be done at home, so it gives you more fun things to do with baby everyday.
    Laurence’s wealth of knowledge and experience in pre and post natal yoga and warm demeanour makes the class even more inviting and enjoyable.

  2. EK Kidd

    We love Laurence’s baby yoga class and have just begun our second term. It’s the perfect balance of baby bonding, songs and a bit of a workout for mummy, in the warm, friendly atmosphere created by Laurence.

  3. Becky

    We can’t wait to our class each week! Laurence mixes yoga for baby and mummy in such a lovely way with songs, baby moves and a good work out for mum! We highly recommend!

  4. Sarah Dowling

    Mother and Baby Yoga is the best mum and baby class I have been to with my son. We started from 3 months. In the beginning I found this was a very relaxed environment, where I didn’t need to fret if I wanted to feed my baby or if he cried. I even managed to do some yoga myself – a novelty in those early weeks! As my baby developed, he thoroughly enjoyed going to yoga. It was amazing to see him light up and squeal with excitement at familiar songs and routines. We even made friends with other mums and babies. It is lovely to have this time out where you are entirely focused on bonding with your little one. Laurence is a wonderful instructor and brilliant at making you feel at ease. I loved having this class to look forward to every Wednesday and so I hope to get a chance to take my son to the toddler yoga class when he is walking.

  5. Kirsten

    This is by far my favourite mother and baby class out there. My son and I get so much out of it and it really is the highlight of our week! I did pregnancy yoga with Laurence which I found relieved a lot of my back pain and I made some wonderful friends, some of which went onto do mother and baby yoga with me. Laurence is a nurturing instructor who goes out of her way to help and offer advice, her calming nature is a welcome break from hectic everyday life!

  6. Emma

    I was recommended by a friend to come to Yogamoo ‘labour workshop‘ before having my baby & found it absolutely fantastic.
    It gave me confidence & focus during the long hours of labour. I felt like I understood each step & knew what was happening, which helped me to deal with the discomfort & pain a lot better than if I had been unprepared.

    I also did a course of pregnancy yoga with Yogamoo before the birth. It was so comforting taking time out from the manic everyday work & life chores to stretch & relax, feel at one with the baby inside.

    To complete the journey my baby & I have continued with Yogamoo ‘mother & baby’ yoga.
    We both absolutely love it.
    It’s so nice to spend quality time together with no other distractions.
    Also very good opportunity for me to learn English nursery rhymes etc
    Fantastic experience & exercise for both of us, highly recommended!

  7. Rebecca

    I went to yoga moo classes with my first baby and was excited to return with baby number two! He loves it just like his sister did.

  8. Charlotte Walker

    Of all the classes that we do Mummy and Baby yoga with Laurence is our favourite. Laurence is very knowledgeable so you are comfortable that you aren’t pushing yourself too hard or your baby too hard in the early post natal days. The fact that you both get to do yoga is also a bonus so I feel that I am getting as much out of the class as my baby does. The classes are also really relaxed and I have met lovely people and made friends doing Yogamoo.

  9. Cris Beetham

    We love Yoga Moo Mother & Baby Classes! My son and I both get a lot out of it, it is lovely to stop everything and spend some close special time together. If have found the exercises to be really beneficial in starting to get back in shape and my son loves the movements. The teacher Lawrence is very experienced and has given me lots of new tips, despite me being a third time mum. Definitely recommend!

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