Mums and Baby Yoga – Crawlers and Walkers Class


Brilliant fun and exercise for you and your child in this perfectly designed baby yoga class. Feel great yourself and have playtime with your little one in this wonderfully enjoyable class.

  • Just the right stimulation and entertainment
  • Lots of Fun!
  • Encourages modelling and replicating
  • Stimulates speech through movement and songs/short stories
  • Nurtures their need for independence
  • Supports physical development of legs and hips
  • Encourages emotional awareness



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Mums and Baby Yoga – Crawlers and Walkers Class

The class starts with a 15 mins meet and greet allowing parents and babies to settle in and chat to others. This is followed by a 45-minute structured class moving swiftly from 1 exercise to the next, respecting babies need for freedom of movement and desire to explore. Babies are not bound to their mat and are free to move around crawling, walking, swinging and jumping all encouraged.
We use partner work with Mother or Father or Carer as well as group dynamics and finish with a winding down time and a relaxation. Parents and babies are welcome to meet up at the Cafe afterwards for more social interactions.

Mums and Baby Yoga – Crawlers and Walkers is available as a 4 week or 8 week Baby Yoga Course from  a set date.

Support bigger babies development needs with a fast paced class specifically for the 9-18 months age group.
Helps build a strong bond through play, movement, songs and yoga between bigger baby and carer.
Supports communication and language development.

Who’s it for?
This class is for mobile babies from crawling and walking to 18-22 months and their parent or carer.

None required

What To Bring
Your yoga mat and a babies blanket for comfort

Loose clothing best for baby and carer

Reigate Yoga Studio

Check the Timetable for Times

45-60 minutes

From crawling to 18-22 months

Laurence Turner

Beginners Form


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