Pregnancy Yoga For Beginners 6 Disc DVD CD Box Set

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Finally enjoy our most popular Pregnancy Yoga Course from the comfort of your own home. Over 8 years in the making (run every week in our Studios in Reigate for 6 years) you now have the chance to use the exact same tried and tested programme to feel fabulous throughout your pregnancy as you do on the Official Yogamoo™ Pregnancy Yoga Course. An amazingly easy step by step system, that takes you from an absolute beginner to calming and relaxing poses. 6 Discs will help you build an excellent grounding for before during and after birth. Also, includes FREE Labour Preparation and Relaxation/Meditation CDs and FREE Pregnancy Yoga Ebook worth £9.97.

  • Helps Beat Fatigue
  • Control Anxiety
  • Helps Back Pain
  • Stops Excessive Weight Gain
  • Have More Energy
  • Feel Great
  • Have Fun
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  • Actors: Laurence Turner
  • Directors: Phillip Turner
  • Producers: Laurence Turner
  • Format: 2xCD+4xDVD
  • Language: English
  • Region: All Regions
  • Number of discs: 6
  • Classification: Unrated For Everyone
  • Studio: Yogamoo™
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1 review for Pregnancy Yoga For Beginners 6 Disc DVD CD Box Set

  1. Clare Simmons

    Hi Laurence!

    I hope all is well with you and that you’re having a good summer.

    I wanted to write and say a big thank-you, as once again the techniques I learnt from you have allowed me to have the birth I wanted.

    I really appreciate you sending the DVD set over here to the U.S.; prior to it arriving I was not feeling prepared for the arrival of baby #2, as I had not been able to find a yoga / labour prep class that included anything other than postures for use during pregnancy. Once I started going through your DVDs and listening to the CDs though, it was like I was back in your class, and I quickly started to feel calm and prepared.

    Our daughter Freya was born a few days late on June 17th. Everything went very smoothly, and I remained calm, centred and relaxed for the 4.5 hrs from my waters being broken (amniotic fluid was low, hence breaking my waters) to baby arriving. I was already 5cm when waters were broken, so think my open pelvic position practice in the weeks before labour had paid off – this helped things go pretty quickly, so much that the OB doctor (who is standard here in the U.S.) did not arrive in time for the delivery. I was able to avoid any pain medication, and remained comfortable throughout thanks to the different postures, and the breathing & visualization techniques. I did not even realize I was in stage 2 until baby was almost fully crowned (was still walking, switching to all fours, changing positions at this point)…Freya arrived a couple of contractions later, and I was able to use the ‘breathe baby out’ technique, avoiding any tearing (which had happened with baby #1) – my doula and the nurses were all very impressed at the control and focus I had – they all asked where I learnt how to ‘push’ like that! I of course told them all about Yogamoo!

    So a huge ‘thanks’ again – you made such a difference to the births of both of my children – I wish you had a studio over here as I’m always recommending you to people! I was actually texting a friend during her labour a couple of weeks ago – I’d mentioned the techniques to her when we were both pregnant and she asked me to guide her through them on her big day as she started to get panicky…I told her about the wave breathing technique with the ‘on the beach’ visualization, and she really liked them. She was able to avoid any pain meds also, and asked for her thanks to be passed on!

    Just wanted to let you know how much you were appreciated by us both, and wish you continuing success for Yogamoo. Have attached a few of pictures – me ‘in the zone’ during a contraction, brand new baby Freya, and us out and about last week.

    Best wishes,
    Clare Simmons

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