Pregnancy Yoga Course


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Our Pregnancy Yoga Course will carefully take you through a complete range of breathing techniques, specific stretches and exercises to prepare you for your birth and make you feel stronger, more centred and focused.

  • Relieves Multiple Pregnancy Ailments.
  • Helps with Anxiety and Sleeplessness
  • Tackles Heartburn and Lower Back Pain
  • Strengthens the Body to Prepare for an Active Birth
  • Use Gravity and Movement to Speed Up Labour
  • Promotes Optimum Fetal Position
  • Quieten and Condition the Mind Ahead of Labour


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Pregnancy Yoga Course

In this Pregnancy Yoga Course we use pregnancy guided relaxation and visualisations as well as some labour preparation techniques. The class is structured to ensure a gentle warm up prior to practising. You'll find the All Fours and Standing postures are designed to build strength around a specific theme each week. Classes are bookable in multiple of 4 week courses. We recommend to attend at least 2 courses (8 sessions) to work with all different themes however most students continue all the way through their pregnancy.

The physical practice aims to:

  • Soften and open the body.
  • Create space.
  • Strengthening and toning the lower and upper limbs.
  • Build strength and support the lower back.
  • Open the chest.
  • Stretch the shoulders to relieve tension.

The meditative and breathing practice helps experience a quiet and tranquil state of being, using techniques recommended for Labour Preparation. The class also encourages early bonding with your baby which is part of the emotional and mental preparation.

Who’s it for?
Our Pregnancy Yoga Course is for expecting Mums from 14 Weeks to Birth. Pregnancy Yoga is very much adapted to make it a relaxing and safe practice even for overdue Mums.

No Yoga experience is necessary.

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Labour Preparation Workshop

What To Bring
It is best to have your own Yoga Mat as yoga is practised barefoot. If you purchased one from us, it will be available for your first class.

Leggings or loose tracksuit that does not restrict movement and is comfortable for sitting on the floor.
It may be a good idea to have short sleeves and long sleeve tops to keep cool or warm as needed.

Reigate Yoga Studio or Redhill Yoga Classes

Check our timetable for times Pregnancy Yoga Timetable

60 Minute per Pregnancy Yoga session.
We ask you to choose a day of the week to attend the Pregnancy Yoga Course and attend on that day only. Should you miss a class, please let us know and you may attend a replacement Pregnancy Yoga Class at any time in the same course. Missed classes may not be carried forward to the next Course or month.

Discounts available through the different options.

Pregnant Mothers in their Second and Third Trimesters.

Laurence Turner and Joy Kirk

Pregnancy Yoga Registration Form

Booking Options and Conditions:
We will accept cancellations only 7 days prior to any course starts. After 7 days and in any case prior to the beginning of any course, you may be able to transfer your course towards another day or person or course in the near future (90 days), this is based on availability and at our discretion. In all cases, a charge of 20% admin fee will be withheld. After the beginning of the Pregnancy Yoga Course, no refund or exchanges will be processed.

Q. Hi, I'm would like to join your pregnancy yoga course starting from next Tuesday do I simply just book this online and turn up at 6.45pm? Are there any forms I need to complete? Thank you in advance, – O.
AYes, you will have to book before you attend.

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