VIP Monthly Yoga Pass Membership


Want a tailored solution for yoga? Our VIP membership creates the perfect roadmap for your goals. VIP Membership is a tailored, one to one or small group coaching solution for families or individuals.

  • Perfect For Yoga at Home
  • Training for A Marathon/Triathlon/Cycling Event?
  • Reach your Goals Faster Than A Class
  • One to One Coaching
  • Perfect Way To Learn Quickly
  • Family Lessons With Your Children


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VIP Monthly Yoga Pass

With our VIP Membership, we come to you or we arrange a time in our studio with just you. Great for students who want to reach a goal training for an athletic event. Maybe you want to teach the whole family yoga from home. VIP includes 4 x One to One sessions per month which you can tailor to your individual needs. The ultimate way to get to your goals quickly.

Objectives of the VIP Monthly Yoga Pass
VIP is a designed to move you through your goals with help all the way through your Yoga journey. The objective is to get you there is the shortest possible route with the most help we can.

Who’s it for?
Families who want to learn yoga, Sportspeople with a goal or anyone who wants to learn yoga at home.

No experience required. All levels.

Follow-On Courses/Upgrades
This is one of our ultimate products and on from here a structured practice would be a great step.
Unlimited Membership

What To Bring
Your yoga mat or you can purchase one from us with your order.

The appropriate dress for the training we arrange.

Central Reigate Yoga Studio or your home or work.

Depends on Class you arrange.

The VIP is normally based on 4 weeks but can be for any number of months.

FREE Handouts if appropriate.

Over 18 Years of age unless accompanied by an adult. Families no age restrictions and could be Baby Yoga .

You can choose your teacher or we can allocate a teacher for you.

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