Yoga for Runners Workshop


This workshop will focus heavily on alignment by exploring our anatomy and building a platform of knowledge to take you to the next level of running.

  • Yoga and running compliment each other perfectly
  • Ideal before a big race or as a cross-training day
  • Enjoy deepening your fitness to include mind, body, and breath
  • The practice will open the body head to toe, especially hips and feet
  • Stretch and strengthen the whole body
  • Help understand anatomy, especially to be injury free
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Yoga For Runners Workshop

We will then attempt to troubleshoot any problems that could potentially cause inefficient running or worse injury. Throughout the practice we will build some heat, eventually slowing down for deep yin stretches to lengthen the fascia, allowing the muscles to lengthen to relieve pressure on the joints.

About Yoga for Runners:
Yoga for runners can help run faster, further, stay injury free, or be used as a cross training day. Everyone, especially runners – whether you are serious, sporadic, a “fair weather” runner, or looking for a new challenge, can benefit from some time dedicated to taking care or your mind and body.

This extended yoga class will stimulate you, leaving you refreshed, uplifted yet focused.

Practice and understand the anatomy and alignment in yoga poses to take on a run for faster, smoother, more comfortable strides.

Who’s it for?
This is for athletes looking to include yoga in their training, those who already practice yoga regularly, and anyone curious to see how yoga can help them.

An interest in yoga and running.

Follow-On Courses/Upgrades
Core Strength or Power Yoga would be great choices if you enjoyed this class or the Drop in Dynamic Yoga Class

What To Bring
Your yoga mat but if you haven’t you can borrow one on the class or buy a yoga mat. It’s always great to bring some water too.

It is best to wear non-restricting clothing.

The class is held at the Yoga studio in Reigate

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This workshop is a 2.5-hour workshop

No bonuses in this class.

Over 16 years of age.

Yoga Teacher and Yoga for Runners expert Olivia Burchett

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