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Once you get into the spirit of yoga and do your practice routinely, strange things start to happen. You gradually find yourself doing the things that you used to raise an eyebrow at. Acquiring a myriad of yoga accessories and an enviable collection of essential oils! Whether you identify with this telltale yogi behaviour, or you want to learn how to spot one in a crowd – here are some signs to look out for:Signs-That-Tell-The-world-You're-A-Yogi-1 

  1. You schedule around yoga class

By now you know the importance of doing yoga every day of the week. Yoga makes you happy, so you would loathe to have to figure out how to pencil it in between other priorities. When the world revolves around your practice, you are a true yogi.

  1. You have a billion yoga pants…

And only two pairs of jeans. If it were up to you, you would be wearing yoga leggings every single day, all day long. Not only are yoga leggings super comfortable and breathable, but they help you move. Why suffer through tight jeans at the desk when you can pop into Baddha Konasana while wearing your trusty leggings?

  1. You own more than one mat.

Mats are an extension of your practice, and while you may not always need one, you have a mat within reach. Varying lengths, thicknesses, and colours mean that you can choose the right mat to fit your mood. Sometimes, you may even bring the mat to class that matches your outfit. And if you’re looking for new places to practice, you probably have a travel yoga mat stashed in your car or gym bag for impromptu Sun Salutations.


  1. You don’t just do yoga.

You have come to realise that yoga is more than an action – it’s a lifestyle. Though attending class is one thing, you have committed to the practice both in mind and body.

  1. You walk around barefoot.

Yogis love spreading their toes and letting them breath. When shoes aren't necessary, it is barefoot all the way. Besides, shoes feel weird!

  1. You queue and strike Tree Pose.

Ever find yourself waiting in line for something and realize you’re standing like a flamingo? That’s because your subconscious is guiding you into the most balanced state for the moment. Or maybe you just really like Vrksasana!


  1. You don’t tolerate negativity.

The true yogi is a person who, even when the world goes dark, can radiate eternal sunshine. Though yogis are not always cheerful, their mind is open to the possibility of a better tomorrow. Negativity, therefore, is like a repellent. You cannot tolerate standing near negative people, hearing judgemental ideas and gossip, and refuse to acknowledge intolerance.

There you go, 7 signs that tell the world that you are a yogi.

Be proud of it! Yogis are awesome people, and you are part of a strong, compassionate community of people with interests and behaviours similar to yours. And now, to sign off the way most yogis generally do: Namaste!

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