Yoga Poses For Runners To Ignite Your Race!

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Time to get in the zone. Positive thinking is a must. A clear mind and calm nerves will help you achieve your goal.

A repetitive (or ladder) yoga flow is sometimes referred to as a moving meditation. It can keep you moving (reducing any stiffness) but also clear the mind and enable your focus to be on the task at hand. The ‘monkey mind’ is quietened and you are ready and raring to go!

Sun Salutations

The repetition of salutations will not only help you to switch off a busy mind but it's also a great way to warm up the body.

1. Start by standing at the top of your mat. Feet together, hands by your sides. Take a breath or two to relax, recenter and find your focus.
2. Inhale, lift the arms to the sky.
3. Exhale, fold forwards.
4. Inhale, half way lift. Finger tips on the shins. Lift the chest, look forward.
5. Exhale, fold forwards.
6. Inhale, ground the hands, bend the knees and step back with the right leg into
lunge legs. Lift the chest.
7. Exhale, step back to plank. Inhale here.
8. Exhale, drop the knees to the mat, keep the elbows tight into the ribs, chin and
chest come down.
9. Inhale, lift to cobra. The hands are on the mat, behind the shoulders. Keep the elbows tight in and lift the chest.
10. Exhale, downward dog.
11. Inhale, step right foot forward to lunge, lift the chest.
12. Exhale, step forward to front of mat. Forward fold.
13. Inhale, arms out wide, come all the way up.
14. Exhale, arms by sides.
15. Repeat left side to complete the first round.

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