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Summer is on its way out, Long Live Autumn term! Once again we prepare to hit the school runs and to get back to serious work, filling our diaries with various activities at the dawn of Autumn. At this time of the year, we get back into a routine: don't we just need it, we are all creatures of habits after all!

In the Vinyasa class this month, we have been working on cultivating strength from the floor up, strong legs and core help us harness the energy of the summer to keep strong, grounded, and healthy well ahead of the shorter days. Anyone who is interested to do more of this should take a look at our upcoming Yoga workshop with Lisa Marie (LM) Bertoni on 14th October.

Ignite Your Inner Warrior In 2017 Workshop with Lisa-Marie Bertoni

Yogamoo is also working hard to spread the benefits of Yoga to our younger people either in schools or in the Studio: Yoga is a fantastic physical but non-competitive indoor activity for children and teenagers. It can also help them with managing stress and, generally, interactions with ourselves and others. Yoga for Teenagers starts Wednesday 4th Oct 4.50pm in the Studio (term times)

Yoga For Teenagers

Our Beginners Yoga courses are going strong and it is always so exciting and an honour to welcome new students of Yoga to the Studio. The next Beginners Yoga courses are due to start Mondays 8.15pm with Charlotte from 25th Sept and Wednesdays 7.20pm with Jackie from 4th Oct.  Yoga for All is a new course offering a Beginners Level class to All, daytime,  on Mondays 1.05pm with Charlotte. It starts Monday 2nd Oct in the form of an 8-week course.

Yoga For All Course
Beginners Yoga Course

From 10th Oct to 28th Nov, Meditation will be back in the Studio every Tuesday 6.45pm with Jackie. This is an 8-week course to start, rekindle or equally deepen your Meditation practice. Meditation is best known for:

  • Rewiring your neuro pathways to develop equanimity or composure
  • Slowing down, grounding and combating stress and anxiety
  • Positive thinking as we bring to the centre our top life priorities

Finally, as the season draws us back to routine, remember to celebrate it as the secret to success lies in a well-structured routine that includes Exercise, Yoga, Good Breathing, Meditation and of course a healthy diet.

See you soon


Laurence Turner

Yogamoo™ – Celebrating 10 Years of Helping People Feel Amazing!

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