Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Course


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  • Yoga Alliance Professionals© Fully Certified Course
  • Start Teaching Children's Yoga Confidently Next Month
  • Teach Yoga to Children in Infant and Junior Schools
  • Write and Deliver Yoga Lesson Plans With Ease
  • Teach Faster By Understanding Children's Learning Aptitudes
  • Communicate with Children with Fun and Excitement
  • Full In-Depth Easy to Understand Manual Included
  • 30 Weeks of Yogamoo™ Unbranded Lesson Plans Free

Next Date  June 06 2020


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Children's Yoga Teacher Training Course


Children's Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga as an after-school club activity in schools is increasingly attracting interest within school staff and parents alike. Through Yoga, children are given an opportunity to express themselves in a physical and fun but precise and gentle way as well as practise mind-body techniques to tune in to their emotions. It is also a unique non-competitive physical activity that all children can equally take part in.

You will be embarking on a 4-day Teacher Training Course (2 x 1.5 Day over 2 consecutive weekends) with the aims to be fully qualified to teach Children Yoga in Schools within weeks of completing your Teacher Training course. You will be given the opportunity to practice your teaching skills in the training room and at home (coursework) as well as observe real classes in the studio or in a local school. We encourage you to start teaching as soon as your training course is completed.

Course Details

Children's Yoga Teacher Training Objectives

This course will give you a full understanding of how to successfully structure a 45 mins Yoga class to children of 4-11 years old.

Each section of the lesson plans will be reviewed and practised in the training room so that you understand how to best make use of them in your own style.

You will learn about children development stages and learning skills, schools expectations and how to build lesson plans, sequence Yoga poses in a fun and beneficial way and teach relaxation and breathing techniques.

What's more, you will be observing Yoga lessons taught in a real class environment by your course leader. You will be fully confident to deliver tried and tested lesson plans by the time you are certified.

Who’s it for?

This Children's Yoga Teacher Training Course is intended for Yoga Teachers, Trainee Yoga Teachers and Yoga students of at least 2 years of Yoga practice and relevant professional experience in the field of children education.

Qualified Yoga Teacher For Children

The Children's Yoga Teacher Training Course booking fee includes

  • 4 Day Training (over 2 weekends) and Assessment by a qualified Yoga Alliance Professional Chartered Level 2 (Course leader)
  • Full Manual and Lesson Plans
  • 2 Class observations and debrief with the course leader
  • 1 Class practical assessed by your course leader
  • DBS as a Yogamoo Children Yoga Instructor (portable to other organisations if extended within 14 days of receipt at your own cost)

Not included:
Any transport, food or accommodation.

Prerequisites For Children's Yoga Teacher Training Course
Yoga Teachers Liability Insurance is not included in this course. You will need to arrange your own insurance or check with your member's organisation whether you are already insured to teach Children's Yoga classes. To arrange for insurance via Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Follow-On Courses/Upgrades After Children's Yoga Teacher Training Course
Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

What To Bring To Children's Yoga Teacher Training
Best to have your own Yoga Mat, please bring one along as well as your notebooks and pens.

Check Timetable for times

4 Days over the consecutive weekends (Saturday 12 pm – 5 pm and  Sunday 9 am – 6 pm)


  • 9 Months Of Lessons Plans
  • 3 Months Email and Telephone support

Course Leader

Yoga Alliance Professionals© Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT)



Q. When will I be qualified and receive my Certificate?

A. You will receive you Certificate once you have complicated both the training course and the written part of the coursework (Self Study). You can start completing the coursework during the week between the course weekends and so be qualified at the end of the course. The self study is estimated at 12 hours of work.

Q. Do you have to already be a certified yoga teacher to do this course?

A. No you don't have to be a certified Yoga Teacher to do this course and get the qualification but you do need at least 2 years of Yoga practice and some experience with children.

You will be certified to teach Yoga to children of Primary School age.


Yoga Alliance Professionals© Fully Certified 40 hours Course including 28 contact hours and 12 hours self-study

  • 28 Contact Hours
  • 4 Days in Training Room with Course Leader
  • 2 Weekends
  • Saturday 12 pm – 5 pm
  • Sunday 9 am – 6 pm

Including 2 Class Observations

Day 1 
Class Observation 1 Hour

Teaching Techniques 4 hours

  • Benefits of Yoga for Children
  • Discussion Themes
  • Structure of a Yoga Class
  • Overview of Lesson Plans
  • Appropriate Yoga Poses with Safety Instructions

Day 2
Dealing with Schools 4 Hours

  • Teaching in Schools
  • School expectations
  • Benefits of Yoga in schools
  • Safeguarding
  • DBS
  • Insurance
  • First Aid
  • Overview of School Curriculum in Key Stage 1
    (infant school) and Key Stage 2 (junior school)

Class Management and Developmental Stages in Children 3 Hour

  • Code of Conduct
  • Class Management
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Discipline
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social Development Stages in Children
  • Self Esteem, Confidence, Growth Mindset

Day 3
Teaching Methodology 5 Hours

  • Structure of a Yoga Class
  • Lesson Plans Overview
  • Teacher’s Resources
  • Sequences for Warm-ups
  • Sequences for Seated and Standing
  • Dynamic Sequences
  • Balances
  • Story Telling Techniques

Day 4
Teaching Methodology 3 Hours

  • Games
  • Partner Work
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Reflection and Discussion time
  • Teaching Restorative Poses
  • Relaxation Techniques

Practical Assessment (Teaching practice) 5 Hours

  • Recap of Day 2 and 3
  • Q&A
  • Teach one or several sections of a lesson plan to peers
  • Observe peers teaching sections of the class
  • Constitute several versions of a full 45 mins class
  • Group Discussions
  • Follow up
  • Course Feedback
  • Course Forms

12 Hours Self Study / Course Work

Put together and submit 2 lessons plans following the Yogamoo Teaching Method
Practice teaching your lessons plans to children’s friends and Forward 2 Teaching Practice Reflections Templates
3 Short Essays to write (3 x 200 words answer to questions – see Coursework)
2 Class Observation Reports (observed during your training)
1 Book Review from the suggested Reading list (optional)

A full list of the Coursework (ie Essay questions and Reading List) will be sent to the applicant upon booking.

Earning your Certification

  • Full attendance is required for the 4-day course and you should make sure that you are available for all the hours on those 4 days. In an emergency out of your control, we may be able to rebook you on another course
  • Once the course is completed, we suggest a period of time of maximum 1-3 months to complete your coursework and class observations to gain your full certification. During those 3 months, you should practice your Yoga for Children teaching skills with friends as often as possible to cement your understanding and gain experience. Once your weekend Training has been completed, you may start teaching immediately as a trainee Children's Yoga Teacher. In any case, once certified you should start teaching as soon as possible
  • It is possible to complete your Course Work and obtain your Certificate at the end of your Training. Please inform your Course Director if they should expect to review your Course Work between during your training and prepare to award your Certificate on the day.
  • Once Qualified, you may want to register as an Affiliate Member with the Yoga Alliance Professionals© to benefit from the Yoga Alliance Specialist Trainer Badge.

Complaints Procedure
We are confident that you will enjoy your course and  will be made feel fully comfortable at all stages of your course, however, should you have any reason to complain about any aspect of your course, please speak to your course leader in private, ideally during your 4 day Training so that we get a chance to address your complaint and correct the cause of the issue to your satisfaction. Alternatively please phone and speak to the office or your course leader who may then ask you to email your complaint to fully address your issues. We aim to fully address your issues and offer corrective actions within 48 hours of receiving a formal written complaint. You should, however, demonstrate that you have tried to resolve issues amicably at the time of your course.

Children's Yoga Teacher Training Course

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