Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training


  • Take Advantage of a Growing Market
  • Specialise in high-quality pregnancy yoga classes
  • Easily integrate pregnancy students to your classes.
  • Rapidly expand your timetable
  • Respond to your students changing needs
  • Be more involved in their life journey


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Our Pregnancy Yoga Teachers Training System is a cutting edge 4 day programme that prepares you to teach Pregnancy Yoga confidently as soon as you complete the course.

As yoga teachers we constantly search for different ways to give more value to our students and spread the teaching of yoga.
Teaching Pregnancy Yoga is highly rewarding and being able to deliver high quality classes to your local community will help increase your visibility and your bottom line.

We pride ourselves in our Unique Teaching System, a tool box which makes sequencing logical and easy and from which you will derive endless lesson plans to keep your classes interesting and varied. What is more, you will be given complete class plans, including warm up sequences, a main themed sequence and closing postures.

Each class plan includes detailed breathing practices based on classic Yoga pranayama but specifically geared at Pregnancy as well as Pelvic Floor exercises, Physiology of Birth and Guided Relaxation and Visualisation practices. This programme quite simply works, and has been our signature class plans at Yogamoo™ on the basis of  4 classes per week for many years. The programme includes 50 hours of contact and non contact hours, contact hours 25 hours over 4 days including:

Day 1. Anatomy and Physiology

Presented and written by lead Midwife Claire Spencer from Nurtures Way

Anatomy and Physiology:

  • Anatomy & Physiology of Pregnancy
  • Body Changes and Hormones
  • Common Pregnancy Ailments
  • Mental and Emotional Needs
  • Role of Midwifes and Antenatal Care

Teaching Techniques:

  • Understanding Students Needs
  • Class Introductions
  • Yoga in Pregnancy
  • Benefits
  • Contra-indication of Postures
  • Pregnancy Ailments that Yoga can / can't help

Day 2. Teaching Pregnancy Yoga

Presented by Yogamoo™ Founder Laurence Turner

Teaching Method:

  • Art of sequencing,
  • Lessons Plans for Each Trimester
  • Class Observation
  • Discussion (Lunch Time)

Teaching Techniques:

  • Pregnancy Teaching Themes around Physiology
  • Chakras Balancing
  • Emotional Needs and Mental Needs

Teaching Techniques Special applications:

  • Late Pregnancy,
  • Teaching with Chairs,
  • Use of Wall

Evening assignment: prepare 2 lessons plans to present the next day for the practical assignment

Day 3/4. Teacher Assignments

Presented by Yogamoo™ Founder Laurence Turner and Charlotte Huggins

  • Q&A (recap of Day 1 and Day 2)
  • Teaching Techniques Special Applications
  • Working with SPD
  • Labour Preparation
  • Postnatal

Practical Assignment with Instructor Charlotte Huggins – Teachers to deliver/teach their lesson plans to their peers followed by observation and discussion


Full Pregnancy Yoga Teachers Training Course Manual
including Anatomy Physiology, Teaching Techniques and Teaching Method with Pregnancy Yoga Class plans and Pregnancy Yoga Sequences


Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training DVD Set (3 DVDs)
Teacher Training Membership with access to videos, book reviews, Essays,  Q&A, Teachers teaching tips, and email support


Real Pregnancy Yoga Class Observation (during the 4 Days TTC)
Class observation is paramount for delivering quality training. Practical Pregnancy Yoga Assignment/Teaching Experience
Experience the real life Pregnancy Yoga Class and learn live

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course Work Assignments

  • The full Diploma will be earned on completion of the 4 day training and assignments
  • including complete course work:
  • 2 Essays, 1 book review, 1 class observation report and 4 practical teaching experience class plans and reports.
  • Essays and Book review Course Work can be completed prior to the Course (recommended)
  • Course available to Certified Yoga Teachers and Yoga Teachers in training 200 hours minimum.

More Information

Objectives Teach confidently Pregnancy Yoga to all your Students, whether new to Yoga or not.

Who's it for? The course is open to fully qualified Yoga Teachers with min 200H qualification and Trainee Teachers.

Prerequisites You will need a valid Certificate of Insurance

Follow On Courses/Upgrades Specialise in teaching Labour Preparation through Yoga, Postnatal classes for Mums, Mums and Baby Yoga

What To Bring Bring your yoga mat , a notebook and your camera if you would like to record some sequences. Water and tea is available on site. Lunch is not included however the lovely Chalk Hills Bakery/Coffee Shop on-site will satisfy all your needs however you are welcome to bring your lunch along of course.

Clothing It is best to wear loose fitting clothing.

Location The class is held at the Yoga studio in Reigate

Time 9am-6pm Friday/Saturday/Sunday 5pm

Teachers Your main course Director is Laurence Turner who will be taking you through the

Teaching Techniques and Methodology. Claire Spencer is our Midwife on the course Charlotte Huggins, a very experienced Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga Instructor will come in to observe your practical on assignment day.

Forms Registration Form to fill out upon booking  



Here is a link to local hotels near the studio:-;l=Reigate,+United+Kingdom;q=hotels+reigate+and+redhill;d=2014-05-11;n=1;mf=r;ar=;rtt=600;s=m;si=48ddca34;av=r


The studio is located behind Chalk Hills Bakery, just walk left of the building and down the path to the back of the building.
On Foot – Once you arrive in Reigate walk with your back to Cafe Rouge and cross over the road with the shops on your left hand side. You will pass Fillz sandwich bar. Keep walking striaght untill to see more traffic lights and cross over still walking in the same direction. You are now in Bell Street and look for Chalk Hills Bakery.

By Car – Regaite is accessable from Juntion 8 of the M25, then follow the road down Reigate Hill to the town centre.

By Train – Reigate is a few minutes from Redhill which is on the main line from London Victoria and London Bridge. From Victoria to Redhill is a 30 minutes journey

ParkingYou can park either in the road along Bell Street which has many free parking spots, or there is a large car park which is chargable across from the studio.Please not you can not park out side the doorway as this is reserved for office staff.


Frequently Asked Questions 

I have not been pregnant can I teach Pregnancy Yoga?

Yes of course, not all Pregnancy Yoga Teachers have been pregnant. In fact men teachers are also

welcome on the course as they also need to take care of the need of their pregnant students.

Is the Yogamoo™ Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training  course certified?

No at present the course is not certified by the Yoga Alliance or The Independent Yoga Network

because our course is firstly only 4 days

long and secondly available to qualified (and insured) teachers who therefore already have their main

qualification under their belt.

What are the benefits of a 4 day course?

We have gone down this path because we feel our students will be perfectly prepared to teach

pregnancy yoga after the 4 days training (contact hours 25 hours) and course work has been


To earn YA or IYN certification, we would need to run a 7 days / 55 contact hours training course, this

means 2 separate long week-ends away from work and family and increased costs.

Will you be certified in the future?

Pregnancy Yoga certification has only very recently been made available in the UK so many many

teachers are not pregnancy certified at present. In fact some of the most prominent pregnancy yoga

teacher trainers are not certified either. At present, we are monitoring the qualification to see where

the trend is going.

How about insurance?

Insurance is not an issue as for instance the Yoga Alliance insurance also includes Pregnancy Yoga

and all our students are qualified and insured through their main teacher (min 200h) certification.

How do I commute to your training location?

Our Studio is based in Reigate, about 10mins walk from Reigate Station, 5mins taxi from Redhill

Station and 15mins taxi from Gatwick airport.

Trains run frequently from Clapham Junction/Victoria and London Bridge to Redhill in 30mins.

There are weekend fares available or you can get a return for about £ 10.00 off peak.

I am travelling from afar, where can I stay?

The Cranleigh hotel in Reigate is only a few minutes walk from the Studio in town and they are very


Here is a link to local hotels near the studio:-;l=Reigate,+United+Kingdom;q=hotels+reigate+and+redhill;d=2014-05-11;n=1;mf=r;ar=;rtt=600;s=m;si=48ddca34;av=r


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