Yoga For Runners Course


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The goal and purpose of the Yoga For Runners course is to enhance, improve, and deepen students’ understanding and enjoyment of running.
They are actually related more than they might immediately seem, and can perfectly complement each other. We will focus on pranayama (breathing technique) which is essential to a yoga class and can help increase lung capacity.

  • Run Faster
  • Run Longer
  • Run Stronger
  • Recover Faster
  • Suffer Less Injuries
  • Step-By-Step Instructions


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Yoga For Runners Course

Most people only use 70% of possible lung space. We will explore using our diaphragm and core to fill and the empty our lungs of stale air. In the Yoga For Runners course, we will also strengthen legs and lengthen out compressed muscles (including the IT band). You will finish each class by releasing tight hips and strengthening the core. And then, of course, give those abused feet and toes some much need TLC.

Objectives of Yoga For Running
Introduce students to the wonderful relationship between yoga and running. Notice how they can improve each other. To gain maximum benefit, students should be prepared to devote some time between sessions to practise the techniques taught in class.

Who’s it for?
Yoga for Runners is an eight-week course aimed at people who run and want to improve. Anyone who is looking for a low impact cross-training option. Yoga lubricates the joints – which take a pounding during a run. This is especially true in winter when due to weather and light limitations runners are forced onto pavements.The course is suitable for athletes or gym attendees with yoga experience and those who have never practised before.

No experience required. Just an interest and hopefully a passion for running.

Follow-On Courses/Upgrades
Power YogaCore Strength Yoga

What To Bring
Your yoga mat or you can purchase one from us.

Standard gym/fitness clothes.

Reigate Yoga Studio

7pm-8pm for the Yoga Class

The Yoga For Runners Course is 60 minutes per session 8 Classes in total.

FREE Weekly Practice Handouts

Over 18 Years of age unless accompanied by an adult.

Olivia Burchett

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